In The U.S.A.

Scott Cowley

Along with Pastor Willie, he is a Co-Founder of PNG Renewal. Scott is a graduate of Eastern University and Christ For The Nations, and is currently finishing a Masters in International Development at Eastern University.

Ron Cowley

Founder of Papas New Generals, which is the parent ministry of PNG Renewal. Ron is a gifted business administrator and consultant. He is a graduate of Widener University in PA. He serves as PNG Renewal's Business Administrator.

The Real Heroes of PNG Renewal

There are many other pastors, teachers, leaders, and mentors in Papua New Guinea who volunteer with PNG Renewal and Agape Ministries to support the Bible School and ministry.

This ministry owes a deep gratitude to all those who have sacrificed to see the ministry

reach the point that it has today.

In P.N.G.

Willie Simbisi

Co-Founder of PNG Renewal, Pastor Willie is a local and national leader in the Renewal Church of Papua New Guinea. He is also the Founder of Agape Ministries of PNG. Pastor Willie is a Graduate of Christ For The Nations in Dallas, Texas, USA. He is ordained by the Renewal Church of PNG.

Lawrence Yapi

Pastor Lawrence is a highly respected pastor and leader in the Renewal Church of PNG. Pastor Lawrence is also a gifted teacher and helps run the Agape Bible School.

Saling Yagi

Saling is a prayer leader, worship leader, and administrative manager of the school. Saling was in the first graduating class but has been a leader in the school from day one.